Cycle controlled lathe WEILER E 40


With control Siemens 810 D with WEILER user interface
Year of construction: 2009
Spindle bore: 66 mm
Distance between centers: 1000 mm
Circulation O over bed: 435 mm
Circulation O over cross slide: 200 mm
Speed ​​range: 1 - 3500 rpm

With the following accessories:

Sliding protection with interior lighting
8-speed Sauter revolver
16 tool holders VDI 30
Various turning tools
3 jaw chuck RÖHM 0 250 mm
4 jaw chuck RÖHM 0 250 mm
Hollow spindle stop
1 fixed center point
Tailstock with extendable drilling quill
Coolant system
chip pan
5 pcs. Height-adjustable machine shoes
operating manual

The machine comes from a research institute

and has 1192 operating hours !!

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